ElectricalShould You Worry About A Flickering Light?

Flickering LightDisclaimer: If you flickering lights are the result of a ghostly presence, we don’t really know how to help. But, if you’ve got flickering lights as a result of an electrical issue, we are happy to take a look.

See, there are a number of reasons why one or more of the lights in your home may be flickering, and some of those reasons represent serious electrical problems. However, it is impossible to tell you if its time to worry or not without actually taking a look at your electrical system. But hey, at least we can give you a little insight into some of the possibilities.

So, Should You Be Worrying?

Below, we have asked a couple of questions to give you a better understanding of your flickering light problem:

Is It Just One Light?

Is a only a single light in your home flickering? Is this a new development? If so, do yourself a favor before calling our team to schedule service: double-check the light bulb. If it is not screwed in all the way, then the bulb simply may not be connecting to the system properly. If you tighten the bulb, but the problem is still evident, you should give us a call. You may have a faulty fixture if it is just this one spot, but it could also indicate a more serious problem with the electrical system.

Of course, if multiple lights in your home are flickering, you’ve likely got a more serious problem on your hands. If this is the case, you definitely do not want to wait to call in a professional electrician for help.

Does Flipping the Switch Resolve the Problem?

When your light is flickering, try shutting the light switch on and off. Does that seem to resolve the problem? If so, and you have been toggling your light switch for a while, let us know. You most likely have a faulty switch, and that is a problem that we can easily fix for you.

When to Worry

We are not alarmists, but we must remind you that electrical problems can prove to be dangerous. If you notice that your lights are dimming or flickering when you turn on an appliance, or if all of the lights in your home are flickering, you could have issues with voltage fluctuations (a.k.a. power surges) or loose wiring. If this is the case, you are going to need a professional electrician to resolve those problems immediately.

Remember, only a licensed and trained electrician has the tools, knowledge, and expertise to safely and correctly handle the complex needs of your household electrical system, the first time around. Trust us, when it comes to your electric system you don’t want to take any risks—always hire a professional! Call in our team of electricians in Everett, WA when you’ve got a problem, no matter what it may be. We’ll diagnose the problem and resolve it.

To schedule your electrical repairs, contact the team at G & S Heating, Cooling & Electric today. 


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