ElectricalSigns That It’s Time to Call an Electrician

thumbs-upJust as gasoline, natural gas, and propane are great resources but potentially dangerous when not used properly, so too is electricity. We don’t really give electricity all that much thought in our day to day lives (at least until the electric bill arrives in the mail!), but we really should. Why? Because we depend upon it each and every day in our homes! The computer, tablet, or phone that you are reading this on right now charges via electricity, right?

Considering both the importance of electricity as well as its potential danger, it only makes sense that you should hire a trained professional to deal with any and all necessary electrical services that you may require. You can count on us to send a truly exceptional electrician in Lynwood, WA to your door when you decide to work with us. But when should you contact an electrician to begin with? Here are a few tips to help you to decide when the time has come.

You Smell Burning When Using Your Appliances

What is that smell? Almost like burning plastic—wait, is that coming from the walls? You better hope not, but if it is, you need to stop using the electricity in your home and contact an electrician immediately. If your wires are overloaded, corroded, or even if you’ve got a bad connection, then they can actually start to burn.

It should go without saying that burning wires within your walls is a very big deal. Never ignore this odor or decide that you’ll just stay away from this outlet. It may not even require extensive rewiring to resolve the problem, but it will require the expertise that only a trained,  professional electrician can offer.

You Feel Hot Outlets

Okay, so you don’t smell any burning odors, you don’t see singe marks or anything like that on walls or near outlets and switches. But, you have to admit, your outlets do feel hot to the touch. If this is the case, then call an electrician immediately!

Electricity generates heat, but it shouldn’t be doing so where your outlets and switches are concerned. Arc faults, bad wiring, and other issues, once again, can lead to serious fire risks in your home. Don’t live in an unsafe environment because you’ve decided that this is no big deal, for whatever reason.

You Are Constantly Blowing Breakers

Do you find yourself heading down to the breaker box with any sort of frequency? If so, then you are probably putting too much demand on your electrical system. You may need a service panel upgrade to resolve the problem. While your breaker box is there to ensure the safe distribution of electricity throughout your home, frequently tripped breakers definitely suggest a problem.

Remember, it wasn’t that long ago that all of our modern appliances and systems were far from the norm. If you have an older home, then chances are that your electrical system just was not designed to handle the type of load that you’re placing on it today.

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