ElectricalSigns of Problems with Your Electrical Wiring

It’s important for your daily convenience and safety that your home’s wiring remain in excellent condition. At the first signs of trouble in the wires, you need to call for trained electricians to come to your home, track down the source of the problem, and safely repair it. Do not attempt to troubleshoot the electrical issues yourself, since you will risk a high voltage shock. (In some areas, it’s illegal for anyone who doesn’t have proper certification to work on high-voltage wiring.)

Here are some of the warning indicators that you have electrical problems that require professional attention. Call G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. for electrical repairs in Mill Creek, WA that will keep you safe and keep the lights burning.

Warning signs of electrical wiring faults

  • Dimming, flickering lights: If your circuits can no longer handle the electrical load, it will cause lights to begin to dim and flicker. This isn’t abnormal when another large appliance turns on, such as the compressor in a refrigerator or AC, but if it happens continually, you may have bad wires.
  • Constantly tripped circuit breakers or blown fuses: Occasionally, a circuit breaker will trip because an appliance or multiple appliances plugged in at one time demanded too many amps from the system. However, if tripped circuit breakers (or blown fuses if you have an older electric panel) begin to happen routinely without an obvious direct cause, there may be trouble along the circuitry.
  • Shocks from switches and outlets: If you frequently receive shocks from touching a switch or an outlet, a wire is probably shorting out inside. Usually, an electrician will need to replace the switch or outlet.
  • Charred or discolored outlets and switches: If you notice these signs of burning on switches and outlets, the problem is serious and you need to call for an electrician immediately. This usually indicates that wiring troubles have caused a small fire in the outlet, creating the charring and discoloration.

We need to emphasize once again that you should leave the electrical repairs to electricians. You not only risk injuring yourself with amateur repair work, you could start a fire in your house. Play it safe and cautious, and call for experts to handle the task.

When problems like this occur in an older home, you should consider upgrading your wiring or upgrading your circuit panel. This will make your house safer and make it easier to add more powerful modern appliances without causing shorts.

For all electrical repairs in Mill Creek, WA, call G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. We’ve taken good care of the electrical needs of the Puget Sound Area since 1977.


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