ElectricalSigns That Your Electrical Wiring Needs Repairs

We usually expect to find wiring troubles in old homes where the wires are made from out-of-date material that is no longer up to code. But electrical repair needs can crop up in the most modern homes: all it takes is a bit of shoddy installation or damage to a few connections and you can end up with wiring that malfunctions, leading to power loss or—in the worst case scenario—an electrical fire.

Your home’s wiring will give you warnings that it needs repairs; you should know how to read the signs, which is what we’ll help you with in this post. For all your needs for electrical repair service in the Everett, WA area, get in touch with the experienced professionals at G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc.

Warnings of electrical repairs you may encounter

  • Flickering lights: No, it’s probably not ghosts trying to set the mood. When your lights start to flicker, it can indicate small power surges are placing voltage demands on your wiring that it lacks the capacity to handle. This may require wiring upgrades or the installation of a whole-house surge protector. Flickering lights can also point to bad connections, and you’ll need a professional electrician to track these down and fix them.
  • Constantly tripped circuit breakers/blown fuses: Having an occasional tripped breaker isn’t usually a sign of major trouble. However, if tripped breakers or blown fuses occur on a regular basis to the point that you feel you’re spending too much quality time with your electrical panel, then you have wiring that needs professional work on the double.th
  • Warm spots on walls: This is an urgent problem, since it could mean bad wiring that is growing hot enough that it could cause the insulation or drywall to catch fire. Don’t hesitate about calling for repairs.

Don’t grab your tool box, grab the phone!

Do not attempt any repairs to your wiring yourself unless you are a trained electrician with access to pro-level tools. High-voltage shocks are something to take seriously. Pick up your phone instead and put in a call to your local electrician and arrange for repairs.

G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. does work on all types of electrical systems. Whether it’s upgrading your fuse box, installing whole-house surge protectors, or replacing old wiring, we can handle your electrical repair in Everett, WA.


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