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The secret of creating a great home entertainment system is designing a layout that fits into your home while keeping hidden as much of the understructure (i.e. the wiring) as possible. To achieve this, some homeowners hire professional electricians to send wires through the walls and ceiling. But people often take on the work as a do-it-yourself hobby. Although this is a much better DIY project than, say, attempting to install a furnace or an air conditioning system on your own (you should never try either), it can sometimes lead to wiring issues that are difficult to diagnose and fix. When problems crop up, it’s best to call in an electrician with knowledge of home entertainment systems to assist you.

For the electrical repair in Everett, WA that will make your entertainment system work the best it can, contact G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. today.

Signs of wiring trouble in your entertainment system

  • Speakers are out of phase: This is a common problem that happens when left and right audio speakers, whether front, back, or side, have their polarity reversed due to improper wiring. Stereo speakers that are “in phase” will create sound that seems to emanate naturally from a spot between the two speakers (when you are facing them). If “out of phase,” the signal will seem messy and distorted, not seeming to come from any place in particular. This will make for distracting listening. Tracking down the source can be difficult, considering the amount of wires and where they might be incorrectly connected.
  • Sound goes in and out: When speakers lose their sound, only to come back on again minutes to hours later, it’s probably because of inferior speaker wire. If you wired the system yourself and bought low-cost wiring to save money, the quality of the wires is the likely culprit for sound loss. In this case, you can save yourself time and headaches with the help of an electrician who will re-wire the system using professional quality wires.
  • The system trips circuit breakers: The amount of power needed for monitors, Blu-ray and DVD players, receivers, streaming devices, video game consoles, and other components of an entertainment system is minimal compared to the power needed for larger appliances like a refrigerator or washing machine. But bad wiring can cause shorts, and if turning on your entertainment system causes a circuit breaker to trip, you need to have professionals look into a serious wiring malfunction.

There is always a possibility of electrical fires from bad wiring; although this isn’t often an issue with an entertainment system, don’t take changes when it comes to an issue like power overloads. Whether you are having audio issues or electrical shorts, call for electrical repair in Everett, WA. You can find some of the best electricians in the area at G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc., and they’re more than happy to help you get the most from your home entertainment system.


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