ElectricalThe Case of the Flickering Light

As a homeowner, you have to make certain that the various parts of your home are not only in good working order, but also safe. Electrical problems tend to occur from time to time, and the flickering light is one of the most common. But why does this happen? What should do about it? How can you prevent it from happening? Our electricians offer outstanding electrical repair for such problems, and we can make sure that your entire network of indoor and outdoor lights operates just as it should.

Why Your Light Flickers

There are plenty of reasons why your light may be flickering, but the most important factor to consider is that there is a gap in the electrical current somewhere. For any wall or ceiling-mounted fixture, there is both a set of wires that link that light into the circuit as well as to the wiring within the wall switch box. There could be a loose connection in either of these two place. It could also be related to a faulty socket, wall switch, wiring or even the light bulb itself. It should go without saying that flickering lights are not something to be taken lightly (if you’ll excuse the pun). Even relatively small issues such as this can result in fire hazards.

Steps You Can Take

You’ll want to stay far away from any live wiring, and we don’t ever recommend you attempting to fix the issue yourself. Not only might you put yourself in harm’s way, but you could also damage nearby wiring and your home itself. What you can do is to check the light bulb. It could be something as simple as that, but you won’t know if you don’t check. If that’s not the issue, then it’s always best to reach out to a professional electrician so that the problem can be addressed quickly and correctly.

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