ElectricalTypes of Electrical Surge Protection Systems

It really doesn’t matter if your home is full of home theater components, multiple expensive computers, and other such devices, or if you just want to comprehensively protect what few electronics you have; you must consider a whole-house solution in doing so. If you think that buying a bunch of cheap power strips with surge protection capability is enough to get the job done, you will find out that you are sorely mistaken. You may wind up missing an outlet somewhere in your home, or a surge may simply prove to be too much for these protectors.

A whole-house surge arrestor, on the other hand, provides you with extensive protection from power surges throughout your home. Just remember that you must always hire a trained professional, such as those at G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc., when you require electrical surge protection services in Snohomish. Contact us today to do so.

Point of use surge protectors can benefit you to a degree, but they really cannot protect your equipment from the types of electrical surges resulting from something like a lighting strike, nor will they protect the wiring in your electrical system itself. A whole-house surge arrestor can offer this level of protection, though. There are two basic options to consider if you are considering the installation of a whole-house surge arrestor in your home.

One such option is a whole-house surge arrestor which is wired right by your electrical panel, generally at the meter. Such systems offer the most protection available from major surges. The electrical panel itself, along with the devices scattered throughout your home, are protected. Another option is a surge arrestor which wires directly into the electrical panel directly. In this instance, any and all circuits stemming from this panel are under the protection of the arrestor.

The best and only way to know for certain whether or not your home is adequately protected from power surges is to schedule your electrical surge protection services in Snohomish with a trained, licensed electrician. That is the only sort that you will find here at G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc.

Dial our number to work with a qualified electrician that you can truly count on for outstanding service quality.


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