ElectricalUse a Whole-House Generator to Keep Your Home Up and Running

Unlike your heating and air conditioning systems, your electrical system does not have an off-season. After all, it has to power those aforementioned systems so that you can live comfortably throughout the year. Even with our generally reliable, modern electrical grids, power outages are possible. Using a whole-house generator in North Seattle, WA allows you to keep your systems, including your heater, up and running when power from the grid goes out. 

How Do Whole-House Generators Work?

You may be familiar with portable generators, which commonly make appearances at tailgating events, in campgrounds, and on job sites. These small generators typically burn gasoline in order generate electricity with which to power tools and appliances that plug directly into the system. They have their uses, obviously, but they are not capable of keeping your entire house — or even a single system demanding as much power as a furnace — running reliably when the power goes out.

Whole-house generators, on the other hand, can offer that level of coverage. Should summer winds or heavy rainfall during the transition into the winter season strike, you don’t want to be picking and choosing which appliances make the cut and earn their place plugged into your generator. Whole-house generators are wired directly into your electrical system, and when properly sized can provide enough energy to keep everything in your home functioning as normal.

Whole-house generators may run on a variety of fuels. Diesel is common, but natural gas is probably the most efficient and convenient way in which to fuel a whole-house generator. Those systems equipped with automatic transfer switches don’t even need to be manually activated. They’ll sense when the power cuts out, and they’ll come on automatically. That means you won’t lose a refrigerator full of groceries if you are away from home when the power goes out, nor do you have to get drenched by running out to start your system up.

Let the electricians at G & S Heating Cooling & Electric handle your whole-house generator services.


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