ElectricalWhat Is the National Electric Code?

As professional electricians, we always stress that homeowners must never attempt electrical repairs on their own without proper training, licensing, and equipment. This is principally to protect people from high voltage shocks and electrical fires. But it is also important that a house’s electrical system remain up to code.

But just what is this nebulous “code”? It isn’t so nebulous as you might think: it’s called the National Electric Code or the NEC. It helps keep you and your home safe through the standardization of electrical practices.

Whenever you need electricians in Shoreline, WA who will make sure that your home’ electrical system lives up to and beyond the safety standards of the National Electric Code, call G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. We can handle all your needs for electrical repairs and installation.

The National Electric Code

The NEC is not actually a part of U.S. law. It is a set of standards established by the National
Fire Protection Association starting in 1897 for the safe installation and repair of electrical wiring. Any state, municipality, city, or other jurisdiction can adopt the code and enforce it. A jurisdiction can choose to amend or reject the code at its discretion.

Essentially, the NEC is a collection of what the top experts in fire prevention in the country consider the best standards for safety in electrical wiring, and this set of standards is collected and made available to local governments to use as part of local laws at their discretion. The code is updated every three years, and the current NEC is available to the public in a bound book containing over a thousand pages. The code is also available online through the NFPA’s website.

What Does All This Mean For You?

It depends on your jurisdiction. Your city, state, or municipality will have its own version of the code and its own method of enforcement. Nobody expects you to go read the entire NEC online: local electricians will know how the code is used in their jurisdictions. This knowledge is one of the qualities that separates professional electricians from amateurs. While performing repairs and installations, trained and licensed electricians will make certain that the work done keeps a building within the restrictions of the local version of the NEC.

G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. has worked in the Puget Sound Area since 1977. Our electricians are familiar with all the local rules, regulations, and codes. You can trust them to keep your home and family safe with any work that they do.

Electrical work is too important to leave to anybody except the most skilled technicians. The next time you need electricians in Shoreline, WA, look to us for the quality service you need.


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