ElectricalWhat to Do in Case of an Electrical Emergency

An electrical emergency can cover a number of different situations. If the emergency is someone suffering from a severe electrical shock, you need to call 9-1-1 immediately for an ambulance. In this post we will deal with other types of electrical emergencies you may encounter in your home, such as sparking and power outages.

One piece of advice should stand atop everything else: call for the assistance of professional electricians when it comes to emergency repairs. You should never tamper with an electrical system on your own in an attempt to fix a problem, no matter how urgent it seems. The danger of electrocution or fire is high, and you cannot take the risk.

For fast service no matter the emergency, call G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. We will send a licensed electrician to your home to take care of the problem and keep you and your household safe.

In case of an electrical fire…

Electrical fires are one of the more common ways that house fires start. If exposed wires, an electrical short, or a malfunctioning appliance triggers a fire, do not throw water on the flames. If an appliance is on fire, disconnect it from its power source if possible or shut down the power. Use a fire extinguisher if you have one. (If you don’t currently have an extinguisher in the house, put it on your immediate “to-do” list.) Call 9-1-1 if the fire continues. You will need to call electricians after the immediate danger is over to track down the cause of the fire and discover what repairs and new installations are necessary to prevent it from reoccurring.

In case of a power loss…

A power outage may come from the municipal grid, or it may be the result of issues with the electrical system in your home. If only your home is experiencing a black out, first check the circuit breaker panel to see if any tripped breakers are at fault. Then call for licensed electricians to look into the possible causes.

In case of power surges…

A power surge from a lightning strike or downed power line can cause damage to appliances, take out the power, or trigger an electrical fire. If this occurs in your home, you should consider contracting professional electricians to install a whole-house surge protector in the electrical panel so you will have few worries in the future.

Always remember, call emergency services first in the case of imminent danger such as fires or electricity. Once the immediate threat has ended, look to licensed electricians for repairs and other services that will prevent further problems and keep your home safe.

G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. is available for electrical repairs in Everett, WA. Call us today if you are experiencing troubles with your electrical system, and we will help prevent it from turning into an emergency.


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