ElectricalWhy Choose a Professional to Wire Your Attic Fan

When it’s warm outside, many people turn on fans in order to cool down. However, if you rely on this as your main source of comfort, there’s a reason you may not feel as cool as you should. When a fan blows on your skin, it helps sweat to evaporate from your body so that you feel cooler while the air remains the same temperature. However, with the proper ventilation, a large fan can move warm air out of the house and let cool air come in. This is the theory behind attic fans, which we will go over in today’s guide.

An attic fan is a great addition to any home, but you should always be sure to choose a quality electrician for the job, like the people at G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc.

How Attic Fans Work

In order to understand how an attic fan works, you may first need to understand a couple of things about heat. First heat moves naturally from a warmer area into a cooler area. Second, heat rises, which is why your attic may be the hottest area of your home. When it’s warm outside, heat will move into your home and collect in the attic. If the warm air in the attic has nowhere to vent, it will collect until it seeps into your home, making the whole house feel hotter.

An attic fan moves heat from the attic to the outdoors and lets cooler fresh air enter into the attic. This prevents heat from building up and makes your whole home feel cooler. An attic fan uses only a small fraction of the electricity an air conditioner uses, but it will not be effective if you run both at the same time.

Why You Need an Electrician

Setting up an attic fan is not quite like setting up a standing fan or a window fan. While some models can be plugged in, a better choice is to wire it into the electrical system so that you can program it to turn on at various points throughout the day. Any time you’re working with electrical wiring, you need a certified electrician to follow the proper safety procedures and make sure there is the right amount of voltage.

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