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Last month, extreme cold temperatures and ice storms struck areas of the U.S. and resulted in power losses in places that lasted as long as five days, forcing many residents to go through difficult and expensive temporary relocations. Although we were spared such heavy weather here in the Pacific Northwest, we are certainly not immune to storms and natural disasters such as earthquakes that can result in large and extended power outages.

The best way to prepare your home and family for an emergency power loss is to have a whole-house generator installed. Contact the Shoreline, WA electrical technicians at G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. today to schedule an appointment for generator installation.

Reasons to have a whole-house generator installed

  • Portable generators are insufficient – A small portable generator is a good idea to store in the car or to take on a camping trip. But these systems cannot provide you with the power necessary to run the essential appliances in your home. A portable unit could run, at most, one large appliance—and not for long, either. A whole-house generator, correctly sized and installed, can handle all the essential tasks you need.
  • Comfort – A loss of power usually means a loss of your heating and cooling systems. Even gas-powered furnaces and boilers today use electrical power to ignite. Power outages are most likely to happen during periods of extreme cold weather and storms, or during intense heat when the power grid strains because of the numerous air conditioners turned on. You don’t want to get stuck in either the cold or the heat waiting for the power to be restored, and a generator will keep your HVAC system running.
  • You have people with special medical needs in your home – Here is where a generator can be a literal life-saver. If you have people living in your home who depend on electrical medical equipment, such as an oxygen pump, then you need to have a whole-house generator installed as soon as possible.
  • Peace of mind – This is, admittedly, an intangible benefit. But you can never put a price on the assurance you’ll feel with a whole-house generator ready should the power go out.

G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. has served the Puget Sound area since 1977, and we take our job of keeping you comfortable and safe in your home very seriously. We think that a whole-house generator is one of the best home additions you can have. Call our Shoreline, WA electrical experts to talk about how to find the right generator to protect you and your family from extended power outages.


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