ElectricalWhy Hire Professional Electrical Repair?

The electrical system of a home is the system that receives the most use and which you depend on more than any other during the average day. Although your plumbing and HVAC systems are also important for daily life, nothing impairs your lifestyle more than a faulty electrical system.

Many homeowners, in their haste to have electrical troubles fixed, will attempt to handle the repairs on their own. Some may try to tackle the job to save money, or because of an interest in “do-it-yourself” hobbies. We understand all three of these motives, but for a number of very important reasons you should not attempt the work yourself. Nor should you hire amateur electricians to do it either.

For your electrical repair jobs, you need professionals. For electricians with many years of professional experience, call G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc.

The 3 Best Reasons To Hire Professionals for Electrical repairs in Shoreline, WA

  1. Safety: This is the main reason you should only allow trained professionals to perform repairs. In fact, we could stop right here and not list the other reasons because your safety and the safety of your home trumps everything else. The chance of high-voltage shock from working on repairs, even repairs that seem minor, makes this a task only for technicians with extensive training and the right tools.
  2. Local codes: The electrical system of home must remain within local codes. Professional electricians are familiar with all local codes pertaining to electrical power and will make sure your home remains within those codes and regulations.
  3. Save money: Contrary to what you may think, doing electrical work yourself or hiring low-cost amateurs does not save you money. A large number of calls that professional electricians answer are to fix problems that amateur work has caused. If you go with non-professional repairs, you will eventually need to call the professionals anyway, and you’ll end up spending 3–4 times more on repairs than if you simply called the qualified electricians in the first place. Hiring an insured electrician will also protect you from liability should accidents occur.

Although saving money and staying within local regulations are important, safety is the paramount issue: don’t risk your family’s health with an electrical fire or injury to yourself from a high-voltage shock. Call a licensed, insured, and experienced professional electrician for electrical repair service in Shoreline, WA.

G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. has a skilled electrical repair team ready to see to your needs. Call us for anything from flickering lights to dead outlets to broken circuit breaker panels.


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