ElectricalAsk Our Electricians: Why Use a Whole-House Generator?

whole-house-generatorThere are a lot of different inconveniences in life. Do you know one thing that many of them have in common? There is really no way in which to know when they’ll strike. That is why a bit of preparedness is always such a good precaution. It definitely pays off when you’re talking about extended power outages. Eventually, the novelty of reading and playing games by candlelight is going to wear off. In fact, it probably won’t take very long at all!

One of the services that our electricians in Lynwood, WA offer is the installation of whole-house generators. We strongly recommend that you take advantage of such a system in your home. This is one of those instances in which it really does make sense to invest in something that, hopefully, you’ll  actually have very little need for over the years. If you do encounter the need, however, you’ll be glad that you had the pros on our staff install and service your system. We always do it right.

Why Go the Whole-House Route?

Convenience and safety, really. We have all seen small generators that are portable before. They can be quite handy when you’re camping or tailgating, or if you just want to keep a couple of devices up and running when the power goes out. They’re also noisy, require fuel to be refilled, and cannot be operated indoors.

That means that you’ll find yourself needing to go out in potentially dangerous weather conditions just to refuel such a generator, and you’ll be severely limited in terms of what appliances you can keep running when you lose power on your property. Or, you could choose a whole-house generator.

A whole-house generator is wired right into the electrical panel of the house. That is why the system must be professionally installed. It may use diesel fuel, but most homeowners instead choose to use natural gas when possible, which means that the fuel is delivered straight to the system without you needing to do, well, anything. When properly sized for your home and electrical demand, you’ll be able to keep your entire house operational with a whole-house generator. That is incredibly convenient, and incredibly comforting for those homes with medical equipment that really cannot be put out of use.

We Can Set Your Generator Up to Activate Automatically, Too!

Think all that sounds good? Well, an automatic standby generator is even better. By using a system with an automatic transfer switch, you can also eliminate the need to start the system up manually. You don’t even need to be home to ensure that your entire house still has the power that it needs, which is great peace of mind when you’re not home, but you’re loved ones are.

If you are ready to invest in a whole-house generator, just give us a call. We are more than happy to guarantee that you have the right system for your needs, and that it is installed and serviced properly every step of the way.

Work with the professional electricians here at G & S Heating Cooling & Electric.


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