ElectricalWhy Choose Whole-House Surge Protection?

Electrical storms are a part of life during the summer season. They can be exciting in a way, especially on a muggy night that could use a heavy rain to break the heat. However, lightning strikes can also pose a serious risk to the electrical system that you value so much in your home.

By using a whole-house surge protector in Everett, WA, you can really take your surge protection strategy to the next level. Dial our number today if you want to learn more. The most important fact to remember here is that only trained professionals can safely and successfully handle your electrical services. 

Why Is Whole-House Protection Necessary?

We mentioned lightning strikes above, as this is not an uncommon occurrence during the summer season. However, there is more to consider when it comes to power surges. There could be an issue stemming from the utility itself, or malfunctioning equipment in your home could lead to a power surge on your circuitry. The great thing about a whole-house surge protector is that, regardless of the surge’s origin or underlying cause, that device has got you covered.

Even landline phone lines and cable television cables can carry power surges into your home. The small power strips that you may see at home and office supply chains are not sufficient for handling large surges at points of use, let alone those surges making their way in by means other than your electrical wiring system. A whole-house surge protector, on the other hand, is hardwired right into the electrical panel itself. In addition to offering whole-house protection from surges of any kind, this surge protector can run self diagnostics to ensure that everything is in fine working condition for when you need it most.

Schedule your surge protection services with the professional electricians at G & S Heating Cooling & Electric.


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