Energy SavingsWhy Schedule a Professional Energy Audit?

While you may hear the word “audit” and shudder at the implications that it can have around tax season, you should seriously consider scheduling an energy audit with a member of our staff. This is an audit of a different color entirely, and one which can only benefit homeowners. Below, you’ll find some compelling reasons for scheduling an energy audit in the Everett, WA area. First, though, we’ll provide you with some information about what exactly an energy audit actually is. If you have any further questions, or if you’d like to schedule an energy audit with a trained professional that you can trust, just call upon the pros here at G & S Heating Cooling & Electric.

What Does an Energy Audit Entail?

An energy audit may vary from case to case, depending upon the needs of the home and other various factors. In general, though, an energy audit is just a thorough examination of a home, specifically of the home envelope, which will show where energy is going to waste due to air leaks. There are a few different tools and methods which may be used in order to pinpoint the source of such leaks. You may need a blower door test, in which the home is depressurized in order to see where air from outside comes in. Smoke pencils, thermal imaging, and other methods may also be employed to locate leaks.

Benefits of an Energy Audit

An energy audit serves to provide your technician and you, the homeowner, with the information necessary for determining what steps must be taken to mitigate air leaks. Not only will this help to improve the efficiency with which your HVAC system works, but it can also help you to boost your indoor air quality, as pollutants won’t be able to enter your home with such ease. It can also take some strain off of your HVAC system, helping to limit the risk of damage to your system. Contact us to learn more or to schedule service.


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