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Thermostats TemperatureYes, it is only February, which means that we still have a couple of months of cold, rainy weather before we can even think about enjoying the warm, summer sun. Of course, this means that we can’t retire our furnaces anytime soon. Therefore, there is still plenty of time to think about ways to boost energy efficiency inside our homes. When your home is energy efficient, you’ll spend less time worrying about sky-high utility bills and costly furnace repair in Lynnwood, WA.

There are many ways to improve the efficiency of your furnace, and this week, we are going to be discussing one of the most effective methods for doing so. By installing a zone control system in your home, you’ll have ultimate control over your heating system, increasing efficiency and reducing monthly spending. Keep reading below to learn more about the benefits of these energy-saving systems. 

What is a Zone Control System?

A zone control system is a series of dampers that are installed throughout the ductwork of your HVAC systems, like your furnace or air conditioner. These dampers can open and close to direct the flow of air through the ducts, splitting them into different zones. Each zone may be controlled by an individual thermostat or by a master thermostat. Zone control grants homeowners the ability to decide which rooms of their home will be heated or cooled and control the temperature of the air entering each room.

What are the Benefits?

Energy Efficiency

Perhaps the greatest advantage of installing a zone control system is improved energy efficiency. With the ability to control exactly which spaces in your home will be heated throughout the day, you’ll find yourself saving hundreds of dollars on heating and utility costs. Far too often, homeowners waste tons of energy heating unoccupied spaces, but with a zone control system, you’ll no longer have to worry about that.

Personalized Comfort

One unique advantage of installing a zone control system is the ability to create individualized comfort settings. Because these systems utilize individual thermostats, you can adjust the temperature in one room or zone without affecting the comfort of another family member.

Fewer Repairs

When your furnace operates more efficiently, it is less likely to adhere to everyday wear and tear. With zone control, your furnace will not have to work as hard to circulate heated air throughout your entire home, thus putting less strain on the system. This reduces the need for what might be a costly repair.

Reduced Heating Challenges

Certain architectural features can pose a challenge for your furnace. Features such as high or vaulted ceilings, loft spaces, basements, and wall-to-wall windows can make it quite difficult for your furnace to evenly heat your home. A zone control system allows you to separate these spaces from other areas of your home to heat them evenly and effectively.

To learn more about the benefits of a zone control system, contact the team at G & S Heating, Cooling, & Electric. A service company you can depend on. 


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