GeneratorsDetecting Problems with a Whole House Generator

In a power outage, you can end up losing a lot. Perhaps you need electricity in order to work from home. You could lose a day’s worth of work, and waste a lot of time and money attempting to find a new setup. In some cases, lost power is even a case of life or death when someone in the home relies on electrical medical equipment. Other times, it’s just a matter of convenience. If the power is out overnight, you may have to relocate so that you have heating or air conditioning, and you could end up replacing spoiled food and damaged floors and valuables if there is a leak.

A whole-house generator is the best way to prevent such problems. Whole-house generators connect to your electrical system, and kick in only a few seconds after detecting there is no longer an electrical current running through your home. This is far more effective than a portable generator, which could only power one or two important pieces of electrical equipment.

The problem is that it can seem difficult to tell whether you are in need of whole house generator repair. Generators only turn on when you need them, so how can you be sure it will work properly during a power outage?

The best way to make sure that your generator works properly is by scheduling regular maintenance with a trained professional. During maintenance, the technician will make some adjustments and tell you if anything is not quite right. But you should also have a technician come right after any major weather phenomenon, especially if you notice any external damage to the unit.

Another way to tell that your generator needs repair is during a generator test. Many systems perform weekly self-tests and alert you to trouble. If not, ask your technician or consult your generator manual to figure out how to run a test on your own.

Choosing only experienced technicians for installation, repair, or maintenance is another way to make sure everything runs smoothly.

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