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There is no denying the peace of mind that a whole-house generator in Everett, WA can afford you. Power outages, even if they don’t really last all that long, can make your home seriously inconvenient, uncomfortable, and even unsafe for their duration. A whole-house generator is the perfect solution for such problems, as a professionally installed and serviced system will be able to keep your home up and running even when the power from the grid cuts out. As with any other mechanical system, though, there is a lot to consider if you hope to choose the ideal whole-house generator for your needs. Chief among these considerations is which type of fuel you will use. Read the information below, and contact the generator pros here at G & S Heating Cooling & Electric for more details.

Which Fuel Source Is Right for You?

There are 3 basic fuel sources that you should consider for powering your whole-house generator. No fuel source is “perfect,” of course, but you should really take the time to consider which is the best fit for your purposes. A whole-house generator is a big investment, and you deserve to be completely satisfied with your system.


One of the major selling points of diesel is just how readily available it is. Diesel also burns quite efficiently, and diesel engines are renowned for their reliability. However, you are going to have to have a sizable storage tank on site, and diesel doesn’t last forever, so you don’t necessarily want it sitting around unused for long stretches of time.


Propane is another great option to consider for powering a whole-house generator. You will have to schedule fuel deliveries, of course, as propane is not piped to the home. Propane does last a long while, though. If you do decide to use propane, just make sure that you have sufficient tank space to keep enough fuel on site.

Natural Gas

It’s tough to beat natural gas when it comes to running a whole-house generator. Natural gas is very clean burning and the convenience of having it piped directly to the generator really cannot be beat. That being said, it is not available everywhere. You may also require a meter upgrade or piping service, so keep that expense in mind when choosing your fuel source.


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