Geothermal HeatingWhat You Ought to Know about Geothermal Heating Systems

Every homeowner wants to be able to stay comfortable when the weather starts to turn cold, but we all know that energy prices are on the rise. Geothermal heating systems are a great option for homeowners that want to heat their home efficiently, reduce the amount of energy that they have to buy from their utility company and also make a positive impact on the environment. Read on below to learn more about geothermal systems and then give us a call us here at G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. if you’d like to learn more about our North Seattle geothermal heating installation services.

What Does A Geothermal Heating Installation Entail?

Geothermal systems are basically a heat pump that uses the ground or a water supply as a source of heat for your home (though geothermal systems also provide cooling in the summer). To put it simply, they absorb heat out of the ground or out of a water supply and move it into your home. And here’s how they do that.

The Ground Loop

For ground-source geothermal heat pumps, a long pipe needs to be buried deep underground where the temperature is about 50° F all year long. Because of this, many homes aren’t capable of utilizing a geothermal system because they don’t have the physical space. This ground loop is filled with an environmentally friendly refrigerant that absorbs the heat out of the ground and carries it into your home. This same type of ground loop is also used with water-source heat pumps except that the loop is submerged in your pond, river or lake.

The Heat Pump

Once the heat is absorbed by the refrigerant there has to be a way to get it out of the refrigerant and into your home. To do that, your home will have a heat pump inside it that uses a fan to pull in cool air from your home and pass it over a series of warm evaporator coils. The cold air naturally absorbs the heat out of the refrigerant and then continues into your home. The now-cooled refrigerant heads back out to the ground to gather more heat.

If you’d like to know of your home is a good candidate for a North Seattle geothermal heating installation, just give us a call here at G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc.


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