GeothermalCan I Use the Ground to Cool My Home?

geothermal-diagramIt sounds strange, doesn’t it? Wind, maybe. Water? Possibly. But the ground? How could that even work? The answer is with heat pump technology (which also means that you can use the ground to heat your home, too!). More specifically, we are talking about ground-source heat pumps or, as they are more commonly referred to, geothermal systems. The concepts are actually fairly basic, though the systems themselves are very complex.

There is a lot to be gained with the use of a geothermal system, but you absolutely must work with qualified technicians that are extensively trained in the design and installation of these systems. It’s a big job to get one in place, and working with our team means that you will reap the full benefits of an outstanding geothermal heat pump in Lynnwood, WA. So read on, consider the many benefits that geothermal systems have to offer, and contact us with any questions that you may have.

It’s All About Heat Exchange

Heat pumps are able to reverse their mode of operation because they are able to reverse the direction in which their refrigerant flows. When cooling a home, a heat pump or an AC will evaporate refrigerant in the evaporator coil. Then, the system will release that heat outside as it condenses the refrigerant in the outdoor condenser unit.

A heat pump can then reverse this operation in order to remove heat from the air outside, before compressing it to boost its energy and then use its heat to warm the house. The major difference between these traditional air-source heat pumps and a ground-source heat pump is where heat is exchanged. A geothermal system exchanges heat with the ground.

Why This Is Beneficial

Air-source heat pumps are great. However, the fact is that the temperature of the air outside can fluctuate quite a lot.  That is not really the case with the ground. Once you get to a certain depth, the temperature remains pretty much constant. This consistency is a huge benefit for the geothermal system.

By running a heat transfer fluid through buried tubes, the system is able to draw a consistent amount of heat out of the ground when it is in its heating mode. Even if the air is quite chilly, the system won’t struggle or use more energy in removing heat. Plus, during the summer, remember that a system has to release heat into the air outside, which is already quite hot. By sinking it into the more moderate ground, the system is able to gain even more efficiency.

There is a lot to consider when it comes to a geothermal system installation. We will assess your property to determine if it is a good candidate for a geothermal system. We can design a geothermal loop system that caters to your property’s geography, too. There are a few different options, and not every piece of property is ideal for every approach. That is just another reason why you really need pros like us on the job!

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