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When looking over the numerous advantages of geothermal systems for home heating and cooling, two of the major ones that attract homeowners are their long lifespans and small number of repair needs. A well-maintained geothermal heat pump can last over 20 years, and the ground loops can last more than 50.

Geothermal systems may still require repairs from time to time. If you notice that your geothermal heat pump is not performing up to expectations, call for professionals to check on the system and find out what is wrong with it and what repairs will restore it. G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. has more than 35 years of experience working on home heating in Monroe, WA and throughout the Puget Sound Area, including service for geothermal heat pumps. You can put your trust in us when it comes to repairs to restore your geothermal heating this winter and any time of the year that you need us.

Some repairs Your Geothermal System May Need

  • Ground loop leak sealing: The ground loops that carry the refrigerant through the earth and then to the heat pump’s heat exchanger indoors are durable and should last for many decades without needing replacements. If one of the loops starts to leak, however, it will cause the heat pump to begin to lose heating and cooling power. If technicians think that a leak in the loops is behind a drop in system performance, they will insert a colored dye into the refrigerant, and then track where it emerges on the ground. This will help them pinpoint where they need to dig to seal the leak.
  • Acid flush: Ground loops can come in open and close-loop configurations. The open-loop configuration uses water from the municipal system, which can leave mineral deposits inside the loops and start to clog them. Repair professionals flush the loops with a gentle acid to clear out the deposits and keep the system clean and efficient.
  • Interior heat pump repairs: The majority of repairs that a geothermal system may need will be in the heat pump section indoors. Aside from the heat exchanger that transfers heat from the refrigerant in the loops, these heat pumps are similar to air-source heat pumps and share similar repair needs. These include: cleaning the coils, replacing capacitors, lubricating motors, and fixing the blower fan.

We want you to enjoy a long service life from your geothermal heat pump so that you’ll receive the maximum benefit from its energy-saving performance. Call us at G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. any time your cooling or heating system is in trouble because of a malfunctioning geothermal system. If you need to schedule geothermal service in Monroe, WA, call us now!


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