GeothermalLynnwood Geothermal FAQ: How to Maintain My Geothermal System

If you have a geothermal heating and air conditioning system in your home, then you’re likely enjoying efficient and comfortable heat. Geothermal systems offer homeowners incredible efficiency because they provide heating and cooling using the free and renewable energy stored in the ground. However, just like every other kind of heating system them need maintenance as well. At G & S Heating, we provide complete geothermal maintenance in Lynnwood. We thought it would be helpful if we put together some of the common geothermal heating maintenance tasks.

Geothermal maintenance in Lynnwood

While geothermal systems might seem very complex, they’re actually quite simple. In fact, they usually require about the same amount of maintenance that a typical heat pump does. Here are some of the maintenance tasks that need to be performed on geothermal heating and cooling systems.

Refrigerant Pressure

The only real difference between traditional heat pumps and geothermal ones is the ground loop. However, once that line is buried there really is nothing that homeowners need to worry about. The pipes themselves are very durable and because they’re buried in the ground receive little wear and tears. During regular maintenance visits, your Lynnwood geothermal technician will check the pressure in the lines to make sure that the lines have enough refrigerant in them.

Heat pump maintenance in Lynnwood

The rest of the geothermal system is nearly identical to a traditional heat pump and requires the same kinds of maintenance tasks. Your technician will check the air filter, the fan’s components and all of the evaporator coil components.

Benefits of Regular Geothermal maintenance in Lynnwood

There are tremendous benefits to having regular maintenance performed on your geothermal system. Not only can it potentially improve the efficiency of your system, it might also be able to reduce the need for costly repairs. During regular maintenance visits your technician will be able to find small problems before they turn into larger, more costly repairs.

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