GeothermalWoodinville Heating Tip: What to Check if Your Geothermal Heat Pump Isn’t Working

Are you having trouble with the geothermal heat pump system in your Woodinville area home? Call the heating professionals G& S. We can help you out any time, and we can go over some ways to prevent breakdowns and repair needs.

Here are some potential reasons you may be having issues with your geothermal heating system.

Common Issues with Geothermal Heat Pump Systems

Some common issues with geothermal heat pump systems are leaking underground pipes, malfunctioning heat pump, or mineral buildup in open loop systems. Mineral buildup is caused by hard water, and you may want to consider some sort of water filtration system. A leaking underground pipe in the loop system or broken heat pump will require a service technician. Call a contractor who is qualified to work with geothermal heating systems to make any repairs or adjustments with your system.

Heat Pump Not Turning On

If the heat pump itself is not turning on, make sure you have it in heating mode. If the settings are correct, then check to see if there’s been a blown fuse or other electrical issue. Some models require an extra step if the system shuts down at any time due to a power outage. Check your owner’s manual if you aren’t sure how to locate this or other safety devices. Call the technicians at G&S if none of these steps work.

Not Providing Enough Heat

If your geothermal system isn’t providing enough heat, make sure the thermostat is set at the right temperature. The thermostat may not be accurate and will need to be adjusted or relocated to avoid “ghost readings.” Also check the other geothermal settings and make sure you have them on the right ones for the heating mode.

The Woodinville heating technicians also repair and service existing geothermal systems, and we would be glad to help you decide if your old system is not providing enough heat, or if there’s another issue. Call G&S any time to answer all your questions about geothermal heat pump systems.


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