Heat PumpsHeat Pumps: Double the Workload, Double the Maintenance

Because our winters are relatively mild, compared to areas such as the Midwest or the Northeast, at least, using a heat pump in Everett, WA actually makes a lot of sense. These systems use existing heat in the air outside in order to heat homes with great efficiency, and they reverse their operation during the summer in order to vent heat from the air within a home to the great outdoors. If you want to keep your heat pump in great working condition, of course, it is important that you schedule the routine heat pump maintenance that your system needs to succeed. This may be more than you realize, though.

Bi-Annual maintenance Is Best

When using, say, a furnace and a central air conditioner in order to keep one’s home comfortable throughout the year, the homeowner is responsible for having each of those systems maintained on an annual basis. While a heat pump may just be one system, you must remember that it is essentially doing the work of two. That means that it is really in your best interest to have your heat pump maintained bi-annually, once for the heating season, and once with the summer in mind. Because your heat pump is doing twice the work that a traditional system would do throughout the year, twice the maintenance is a smart approach to protecting that system.

Benefits of Diligent Heat Pump Maintenance

Because you choose to use a heat pump on your property, we’re betting that the great energy efficiency of these systems was at least part of your reasoning for purchasing a heat pump. However, if your heat pump is not properly maintained, it is not going to operate with the exceptional efficiency that such systems are known for. You also risk an increased likelihood of system damages, and your heat pump may not live out its service life to the fullest.

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