Heat PumpsWhat Parts of Your Heat Pump Require Maintenance?

A heat pump is an important investment in your home comfort. Heat pumps are some of the most efficient heating and cooling systems available for purchase today. Air source heat pumps work a lot like traditional split-system air conditioners to cool down a home by using refrigerant to pull heat from the air in your house and release it to the outside. But in cooler weather, refrigerant can reverse to bring heat into the house.

A lot of important components are required in order for this process to take place. And since your heat pump is such a vital investment, you should protect it by keeping the parts maintained. A well-maintained heat pump won’t run into too much trouble, and it will likely run more efficiently. Many people notice that their electrical bills lower soon after heat pump maintenance, and that their systems cool or heat the home faster.

So which parts of your system will a technician look at during professional heat pump maintenance? Well the short answer is everything! Each and every component of your system should be looked over during a maintenance inspection so that a technician can determine if something is in need of repair or adjustment. This is simply not a job for an amateur. A technician is better able to recognize whether something is not quite right. Contractors keep all of the tools necessary for heat pump maintenance on hand and you can schedule repairs sooner if necessary.

A contractor will also clean any component that could be hindered by dirt and debris. Dirt on the coils may keep refrigerant from absorbing heat properly, which could decrease efficiency and lead to repairs. Professionals know the proper methods to use to make minor adjustments and ways to clean that won’t damage the unit. There is one component you can clean or replace on your own: the air filter. This must be either replaced or cleaned every one to three months if you run your air conditioner frequently, as a clogged filter blocks air from entering the heat pump.

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