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As great as it is to have your options open, having a number of different options available can also make it a bit difficult to determine which is right for your own needs and personal preferences. This is certainly the case when choosing a new HVAC system, as there are now more systems available for residential property owners than ever before. There is no one system that will suit everyone’s needs, of course. That being said, we’d advise you to consider the use of a heat pump in Everett, WA. Because of the heat pump’s unique operation, our climate is actually perfectly suited to the use of such systems. Contact G & S Heating Cooling & Electric today for more details. 

Our Heating Climate

If you are unfamiliar with heat pump technology, you should know that these systems work much like central air conditioners during the summer season. They remove heat from the air in the home, and vent that heat outdoors. The resulting cooled air is then redistributed throughout the living space, and the cycle is repeated until the desired temperature is reached. What sets the heat pump apart, though, is that it is capable of reversing this operation. What this means is that a heat pump can pull ambient heat from the air outside, compress the warm refrigerant in the system further, and use that thermal energy in order to heat air for distribution throughout the house.

Some homeowners in areas where the temperature frequently drops well below freezing may have some rightful misgivings about the use of a heat pump. Because heat from the air is used in order to heat a home during the winter season, such subfreezing temperatures can overwhelm the system in its heating mode. However, our more mild winter weather makes the heat pump an ideal heating option, as well as a great AC to consider. This means that you can enjoy efficient, year round comfort without overwhelming your heat pump in the winter season. Contact us if you’d like to discuss your options further.


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