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Everyone wants to live comfortably during the coldest time of the year. However, the cost of heating one’s home may dissuade some homeowners from keeping it quite as warm as they’d like. We’d hate to think that any of our neighbors should find themselves in such a predicament, so the professional heating technicians on our staff have put together a few simple tips to help you to heat your home more efficiently this winter. Keep them in mind when the time comes to push your heating system in Everett, WA into full-time operation. Should you require any further heating services, remember to call the pros here at G & S Heating Cooling & Electric.

Have Your Ducts Tested

Is your heater reliant upon a system of air ducts for distributing heated air throughout your home? If so, you are wise to take any steps necessary in ensuring that these air ducts are in fine working condition. If your ductwork is torn, poorly sealed, or otherwise compromised, then they will leak heated air out into areas of the home where it may not really be needed. Your system will have to make up for this loss, which you will see reflected in the form of increased energy costs. Professional duct testing can accurately evaluate the condition of your air ducts.

Ensure Proper Insulation Levels

Oftentimes, homeowners concerned with an inefficient heater fail to realize that the blame does not actually fall upon their heater’s shoulders. Instead, insufficient insulation may be allowing heat to transfer outside, where temperatures are lower. This is a natural tendency of heat, and it will continue to move toward a colder environment if you do not have the right amount of insulation for preventing that transference.

Schedule an Energy Audit

In the event that you are having a lot of trouble maintaining comfortable temperatures in your home efficiently, you may want to consider scheduling an energy audit with a member of our staff. This is a comprehensive inspection of your home which will pinpoint the precise location of issues which may be dragging down energy efficiency in your living space. Once your home is in good shape for efficient heating, remember that routine heating maintenance is necessary to keep your system in great working condition.


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