HeatingAlways Remember to Change Your Air Filter Regularly

We understand that the modern homeowner has a lot on his or her plate. That being said, allowing seemingly minor tasks around the house, such as changing the air filter in your heating system, to slip through the cracks can have some pretty negative consequences. These consequences can negatively affect your comfort, the condition of your heater itself, and even your health. In order to avoid any such problems, refer to your air filter’s instructions to determine how frequently it ought to be changed, and make any adjustments that you may deem necessary in this schedule. There is no reason to assume that changing an air filter somewhat more frequently than suggested is incorrect. Contact the Everett, WA heating pros at G & S Heating Cooling & Electric to learn more.

Changing Your Filter Maintains Efficiency

If you were to try and blow through a straw, and then you tried to do so with the same straw that had a blockage in it, you’d discover that it is much more difficult to do so with the blockage in place. You may be able to force an equal amount of air through, but it is going to be harder and it may take longer. This is what happens when your air filter clogs up. Your system will have to work harder to distribute heated air throughout your home, and this will drive up energy costs.

It Also Protects Indoor Air Quality

If the aforementioned, hypothetical straw was really clogged up, you may find air slipping out between the edges of the straw and your lips. This, too, can happen with a clogged air filter. Air from the system may follow a path of less resistance, bypassing the filter entirely. In doing so, your Indoor Air Quality may be compromised as pollutants, which outgh to have been trapped by your air filter, are forced around it. Contact us today if you have any questions regarding how, or how frequently, to change your air filter.


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