HeatingAre There Cold Spots in Your Home?

As we move deeper into February, many homeowners are doubtlessly looking forward to the arrival of Spring. It may be just around the corner, but remember that the heating season is going to be sticking around for a number of weeks yet to come. Don’t ignore any signs of trouble with your home heating system, or it could break down before the warmer weather gets here. Remember too, though, any certain problems you are experiencing when heating your home could carry over into the summer season as you try to cool it.

If you have cold spots in your home, there are certain issues that could relate directly to your heater in Everett, WA. Others could have to do with components shared by the AC, though, or even with the structure of your home itself. Here are a few potential causes of those pesky cold spots.

  • Dirty air filters could lead to uneven heating in your home. The system could be struggling to create sufficient airflow, meaning that those areas furthest out in the duct system could be receiving less heat.
  • You could also have a problem with your thermostat in that area, if you use a zoned heating system. It may not be reading the temperature accurately and regulating the system’s performance properly.
  • Another potential cause of the problem is drafty doors or windows. This could let heat in during the summer season, too, so air sealing may be necessary to resolve the problem.
  • Along those same lines is the insulation in your home. If your insulation in any given area is damaged or deteriorated in any way, issues with uneven temperatures are very likely to develop.
  • Finally, there is the potential for undersized equipment. If you’ve struggled to heat your home evenly since you’ve been using your current system, it just may be too small to heat your house.

Whatever the case, count on G & S Heating Cooling & Electric for exceptional heating and air conditioning services.


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