HeatingBenefits of an Energy Audit for Heating Repair

Energy Audit: noun. An assessment of the energy needs and efficiency of a building or buildings.

Energy Audit (as it applies to you): noun. The first step in finding how to save energy and money in your home. A correctly-performed energy audit done by professionals will locate areas in your house where improvements will reduce energy loss and result in large savings over time.

If you are interested in cutting down on energy waste, then an energy audit is the most important place to start. G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. can perform this service for you to locate places where heating repair in your Everett, WA home will reduce your energy bills for many years to come.

What an energy audit means for heating repair

An audit covers a large amount of territory: when the auditors come to your home, they arrive equipped with devices ranging from combustion analyzers and manometers to mirrors and soap bubbles. (Don’t laugh: soap bubbles are excellent for locating fuel leaks.) The auditors will look for leaks around doors and windows and the fireplace, check light fixtures, and look over the attic insulation.

When it comes to your heating system, an energy audit can pinpoint areas where repairs will assist with savings. The auditors will check to see if your thermostat is working correctly, since a miscalibrated thermostat will lead to inaccurate temperature readings and a heating system that wastes energy. If you have a furnace, the auditors will look over it to see if it is suffering from fuel leaks (see, those bubbles are very handy!) or dirt and dust contamination in the blower and the filter. The audit will also inspect the duct system to discover if there are breaks that require repairs. If you have a boiler, the audit will search for leaks along the piping and the tank.

At the end of the audit, the technicians will know what heating repairs you will need for maximum energy efficiency: thermostat replacement/adjustment, burner and blower cleaning, duct sealing, leak sealing, and many other possibilities. If the contractor you’ve hired for the energy audit also does professional HVAC repair, you can easily schedule all the necessary work after the audit.

G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. has decades of experience with heating repair in Everett, WA and we use that knowledge to assist us when we perform an energy audit. We can deliver all the assistance you need to make your heating system as efficient as possible so you can enjoy years of energy savings.


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