HeatingCan I Heat My Home Without Ductwork?

Forced air distribution based heating systems, such as the furnace, tend to be the most popular heating options in residential applications. This is not to say, of course, that you must use ductwork in order to distribute heat throughout your home. In fact, doing so actually has some drawbacks, including energy loss via air leaks and, of course, the need for ductwork installation in the first place. The good news for those homeowners looking to forgo the use of ductwork in their homes is that there are alternatives to consider. The boiler, for instance, relies upon steam radiators or a radiant heating distribution system. If you really want to stick with forced air, though, a ductless heating system in Everett, WA is probably just what you are looking for. Read on, and contact G & S Heating Cooling & Electric with any questions that you may have. 

How Does Ductless Heating Work?

A ductless heating system is of a rather ingenious design. A heat pump is used in the system, so the heater actually transfers existing heat from the air outdoors into the system via the refrigeration cycle. Once the refrigerant has absorbed this thermal energy, it is further compressed, increasing the heat level. At that point, the heat is applied to air for distribution throughout the house via individual, wall-mounted blowers. These blowers are responsible for heating the rooms in which they are installed directly, meaning that no ductwork is necessary. They are controlled independently of one another, as each has a corresponding thermostat. Typically, an outdoor unit may accommodate up to four blowers.

Benefits of Ductless Heating

The benefits of ductless heating are many. You don’t have to worry about energy loss due to poorly designed or compromised ductwork, nor must you be concerned with airborne pollutants infiltrating that ductwork. Plus, the utilization of heat pump technology means that you can cool your home with the very same system that you use to heat it. Finally, you can exploit the independent nature of the blowers throughout your home in order to enjoy zone controlled comfort. Contact us to learn more.


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