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Everyone, we believe, has the right to live comfortably in their homes. They should also be able to do so without an impending feeling of dread every time they open up their utility bills. Too often, though, homeowners may find themselves hesitant to run their heating systems as they’d like to, as they fear very high heating costs. Commonly, the issues resulting in poor heating efficiency are not that difficult to resolve, though. You simply must recognize the fact that something is amiss. Here are a few examples of common problems that can lead to inefficient heating in Everett, WA. Contact a member of the G & S Heating Cooling & Electric staff with any questions that you may have. 

Air Leaks

If your home is not sealed up sufficiently, then gaps in its thermal envelope may be a likely cause of your efficiency problems. Heat will always move toward cooler environments. This is simply in its nature. When you heat your home, and that home has a number of air leaks, your heater is going to make its way to the cooler outdoors. We offer energy audits to help pinpoint the sources of such issues in our valued clients’ homes.

Compromised Ductwork

Another common offender in situations of reduced heating efficiency is compromised ductwork. If you use a forced air heating system, it is vital that your air ducts are in fine working condition. This is not the case when your air ducts are leaking heated air out of the system. We can test your ductwork, and handle any duct repair or sealing services that you may need.

Faulty Thermostats

We’ve seen many the homeowner turn red in the face when he or she realizes that the problem with their system is simply that their thermostat is set improperly. In other cases, the thermostat is actually compromised. Whatever the issue, our thermostat experts will determine if this important component of your heating system is to blame for your efficiency shortcomings.


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