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Well, I invested in a good furnace, I had a professional furnace filter installation, and I schedule annual tune-ups. Now I just kick back, relax, and enjoy a reliable, effective heating performance, right? 

The short answer, unfortunately, is no. The slightly longer answer is that, even when you do everything right and as outlined above, there is one step that is too commonly overlooked: performing a furnace filter installation in your system.

If you want to avoid the need for furnace repair in the Puget Sound, then scheduling routine maintenance and changing your furnace filter regularly are definitely the ways to go. While a professional technician will change your air filter during your tune-up, the fact is that once a year is just not enough. Read on to learn more about how a dirty air filter can negatively affect your furnace. Then, reach out to a member of our team with any questions that you may have. We can’t make your furnace 100% reliable, because no one can. We can help you to keep it as reliable as possible with a furnace filter installation, though.

Restricted Airflow Restricts Everything

What do we mean by restricted airflow? Well, think about blowing through a straw. Not the greatest challenge in the world, right? Now think about blowing through a straw that has the wrapper jammed up into the middle of it, and you can’t blow it free. That makes things a lot more difficult even when you’ve got good lungs, right? Well, your furnace will feel the same way when it is trying to blow through your air filter, too.

The harder that it is that for your furnace to force air through the air filter, the more problems you are likely to run into. They’re not “minor” problems, either, despite the fact that their solution is so simple. So what kinds of problems are we talking about here?

  • Increased airflow resistance causes inefficiency. Because your heater is going to have to work harder to force heated air throughout your home, it is also going to use more energy to do so. This means that you’ll be paying more than you should have to in order to heat your home.
  • Increased airflow resistance decreases heating output. That means that you are not only paying more to heat your home. It also means that you are overpaying for a lesser performance from your heater. 
  • Increased airflow resistance increases the risk of operational problems. So, not only are you paying too much to heat your home, but you’re more likely to be paying for repairs, as well. Worse yet, your heater is most likely to need repairs right when it’s working hardest—meaning right when you need it the most!

It’s Not About Indoor Air Quality

The standard air filter in your furnace is not really there to improve Indoor Air Quality throughout your house. You’d need a designated air filtration system for that. So, you cannot say “well, my air quality seems fine” and write off the need for a new air filter. That filter is there to protect your HVAC system itself, and that system will suffer if you don’t keep that filter fresh!

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