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This is the time of the year when our air conditioners are cycling down for the last time of the season, and we are firing up our heating systems to take the chill out of the air from time to time. Before long, we’ll be running our heaters very regularly, and that means that yours must be in great working condition to keep your home comfortable. That won’t be the case if you fail to schedule the necessary heating maintenance that your system needs to truly succeed. 

It doesn’t matter if you use a furnace, a heat pump, or a ductless mini split. All heating systems must be tuned up on an annual basis. In fact, those using heat pump technology must be tuned up twice a year, as they are pulling double duty. Schedule your heating maintenance in Everett, WA with our team to guarantee that you are getting the most from your heater.

Efficiency, Reliability, and Performance Quality

The last thing that you want is to suffer sticker shock when your energy bills start rolling in this winter. If you have a heating system with a very low efficiency rating, then you have to expect that you’ll be paying a decent amount to keep your home warm and comfortable. That being said, no heater is going to function at peak efficiency levels, whatever they may be, if not properly tuned up. When every component in your heating system is working properly, and that system is clean and well-lubricated, it is going to require a minimal amount of energy to do its job.

Because heaters are obviously working their hardest when it is coldest out, that is when they are most likely to encounter operational issues or even to break down entirely. If you hope to avoid such issues when you need your heater the most, let us inspect and tune up your system. That way, you can heat your home both effectively and with the reliability that you deserve.

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