Did you know that you are most likely wasting 25% to 40% of your monthly energy bills due to inefficiencies in your heat pump, air conditioner, and central furnace?  G & S wants to put an end to this by researching problem areas in your home, and determining what improvements can be made.  With our new Home Performance Contracting services we inspect heating and cooling equipment, evaluate insulation, test doors and windows for air leakage, and diagnose flow through air ducts to identify areas that need improvement.

Our Home Performance Contracting services begins with a quick interview with the home owners to establish what areas of the home have apparent problems.  Then our technician thoroughly inspects the efficiency and safety of your heating and cooling systems.  Next G & S will measure the levels of insulation throughout your house, and check for any easily missed defects in insulation.  To check potential air leakages G & S uses a computerized blower door system called an Infiltrometer.  This new Infiltrometer system will be able to detect whether air leakages in a home are from safe air sources like windows and doors, or unsafe locations like attics, garages, and crawl spaces.  Tests will also be done on air duct systems to locate any flaws or blockages.  If homeowners notice that specific rooms are difficult to heat or cool our technician can use newly designed tools like Electronic Air Flow Capture Hoods to establish how much air is reaching that room, and how to remedy the air flow issue.  Once the tests are done our HVAC specialist will recommend a prioritized list of improvements.

At G & S the goal of our Home Performance Contracting services are to provide you with an actionable energy audit, and to decrease your monthly energy bills.  That is why we are becoming BPI ( Building Performance Institute ) certified and members of the Comfort Institute.  These two groups are recognized by the Department of Energy ( DOE ), Environmental Protection Association ( EPA ), and the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® for for their proficiency in energy conservation.

Keep coming back to our blog for ways to save on your energy bill, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about our new Home Performance Contracting services.


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