HeatingHeat Pump FAQ: What Does “Invertor” Mean?

We’ve mentioned many times that the Pacific Northwest is really ideally suited for the use of heat pump technology. We get cold weather, but don’t have to contend with frequently subzero temperatures the way they do in, say, Maine or Vermont. With that in mind, there are certain types of heat pumps that can boost energy efficiency and performance levels beyond even that of the standard heat pump.

The invertor heat pump has made some changes to technology that can benefit homeowners, as well as the systems themselves, greatly. If you are thinking about a new HVAC system, a heat pump with invertor technology may be up your alley. Read on, and be sure to let us handle your heat pump services in Everett, WA.

So What Is an Invertor Heat Pump?

With a standard heat pump, the compressor of the system works at just one speed. When the desired temperature is met, and the refrigerant cycle can stop, the compressor will shut down entirely. Then, when the refrigerant cycle must resume in order to adjust temperatures once more, the compressor starts up from a dead stop once more. An invertor heat pump takes a different approach.

In an invertor, or variable speed, heat pump, the compressor itself is actually able to work at different speeds. The speed with which the compressor runs will be determined by temperature and heating/cooling loads. That means that the compressor can essentially ease up when not as much work is necessary, but won’t have to shut down all the way and start back up again. This takes a lot of strain off of the compressor, boosting energy efficiency, reducing the risk of breakdowns and shortened lifespan, and even helping to limit noise. Just remember that “variable speed” can also apply to blowers. If you are asking about true invertor technology, be sure to specify that.

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