HeatingHow Changing Your Air Filter Can Benefit You

When it comes to heating maintenance services, most of the work must be left to trained professionals. However, there is one specific job that must be done more than once a year, and it is one that you can handle on your own. That is changing your air filter.

If you think that leaving your air filter in all year for your HVAC technician to handle during annual maintenance is acceptable, think again. There are a number of problems that can develop as a direct result of a dirty air filter. Keep yours fresh to avoid problems with your heating in Everett, WA.

  1. Because a dirty air filter will make it harder for a forced air heating — or cooling — system to actually force air throughout the house via the ductwork, it will also make it harder for the system to do its job. That in turn means that the system is going to use more energy than it should have to in order to keep the house comfortable. You’ll see this represented in higher energy costs as the efficiency of the system falls.
  2. A dirty air filter can also lead to problems with your indoor air quality. The standard filter in a furnace or AC is not there to protect the quality of the air throughout your house, mind you. Instead, it serves to remove pollutants from the air being drawn into the system. If it’s too dirty, however, the pollutants may bypass the filter, get into the system, and then be distributed throughout the entire house.
  3. Another problem caused by a dirty air filter is short cycling. The system can overheat if it is struggling due to a dirty filter. When that happens, it will shut down to avoid damage. Then it starts up again, overheats again, and shuts down again. This wastes a lot of energy and puts a lot of unnecessary strain on the system.

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