HeatingHow Do Attic Fans Help My Heating System?

During a long summer, the attic in your home will reach scorching temperatures from the sun striking the roof. Often, the mercury in the thermometer can rise to 120°F inside the attic, usually a good 30°F warmer than the weather outside. This congestion of heat can travel down into your home and raise the temperature, which puts extra strain on your air conditioning. Installing electric attic fans can stop this problem, since they can lower the temperature down to match the outdoors.

This is good for the summer. But do attic fans serve a purpose during the colder months? Are they any benefit to heating systems? There are, and we’ll talk about how an attic can help make the colder months easier on furnaces in Lynwood, WA. Call G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. for help with heating or setting up attic fans.

What attic fans can do for you in colder weather

While an attic is a hot zone in summer, during the winter it will become a humid zone where water vapor from the rest of house—showers, humidifiers, the kitchen—rises and becomes trapped. This humidity can cause rot and mildew which will enter your heater’s vents. However, the motion of an attic fan can draw in drier outside air to reduce the problem. It is best to equip the fan with a humidistat, which measures humidity levels, to turn it on whenever the humidity climbs above a set level. In fact, in many building codes, attic fans are required to prevent moisture damage during winter.

Attic fans can also help push warmer air down into your home. Many people don’t realize that the rotation of a fan set in a ceiling affects the direction that it moves air, and it should rotate different directions depending on the season. During warm weather, the fan should move in a counter-clockwise motion, which creates the sensation of fanning yourself. But during the colder weather, you should change the direction so it goes clockwise. (Usually there is a small switch above the fan blades that toggles the direction of fan rotation.) This motion pushes up the air and pulls the warmer air trapped at the ceiling down the sides of the room, helping to evenly distribute it. For an attic fan, this will stop heat gathering at the peak of your house and push it down lower.

Attic fans will still do most of their best work during the summer, keeping the air in your attic moving so it doesn’t stagnate at high temperatures. But if you know how to use them, they can also help your heating system. Call G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. today to arrange for attic fan installation. When it comes to heating homes, from attic fans to furnaces in Lynwood, WA, trust to us.


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