HeatingHow Do I Get My Furnace Ready for Winter?

Furnaces are durable appliances that can keep a home cozy and comfortable through many years of cold weather. However, a furnace needs your help to keep it working its best, so take a few steps this fall to make sure the furnace is prepped for the upcoming cold weather. This way you will have few worries that the furnace might fail or begin losing efficiency during the coldest days of the year.

Here are some basic steps to take for furnace preparation during the fall. You will need some professional assistance to maximize your home heating, and the people to turn to are at G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. We have served the Puget Sound Area for more than 35 years with quality heating, from installation to regular maintenance.

Advice for Winter Furnace Preparations

The first step you should take to prepare your furnace for the time of the year when it does the most work is to replace or clean its air filter. The air filter is responsible for preventing debris that enters the return ducts from infiltrating the furnace cabinet and damaging the internal components. The filter will become clogged over time; if the furnace shares the same cabinet with the AC, they will also use the same air filter, and a summer of cooling can mean a blocked filter. If the furnace tries to operate with a clogged filter, it will start to drain power as it struggles to draw air through the return vent. It may even suffer internal damage. Remove and replace the filter; if the furnace uses a permanent filter, take it out, wash it off with a hose, allow it to dry, and then replace it.

Next, take the furnace for a “test drive” to see if you notice any issues with it. Pick a warm day when you won’t need the furnace and turn it on for about an hour. Check the airflow from the vents, see if there are any peculiar smells from the vents or the cabinet, and pay attention to any odd mechanical noises. Anything that seems out of the ordinary should have a professional investigate it. If the furnace refuses to come on at all—aren’t you thankful you found out about it now?

Regardless of what you discover during the test run, you need to take the next step: scheduling a routine maintenance visit for the furnace. Heating technicians will examine the system and take care of tune-ups and other adjustments to keep it in the best shape possible for the coming season. They will also investigate any possible repair issues and arrange for the work to fix them.

When you are ready for maintenance, or any repair need you may have discovered in your furnace, call the Lynnwood, WA heating experts at G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. Sign up for our maintenance plan to provide your furnace with excellent yearly care.


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