HeatingHow Does a Heat Pump Work, Anyway?

Chances are that, if you’ve been following our helpful blog at all, you’ve heard us expound upon the virtues of the heat pump at some point. Time and time again we’ve explained just how efficient these systems are, how convenient they are, and how they are perfectly suited for our climate here in the Pacific Northwest. While you may remember the virtues of the heat pump, though, you may not fully grasp how it is that a heat pump operates. If you’ve been thinking about using a heat pump in Everett, WA, you should have a basic understanding of its operation. We’ve provide a description below. Contact¬†G & S Heating Cooling & Electric for all of your heat pump service needs.

It’s All About Heat Transfer

The reason that a heat pump is able to heat homes with such outstanding efficiency is due to the fact that these systems do not actually generate heat in the way that, say, a gas or electric furnace does. Instead, the heat pump uses its refrigerant cycle in order to harness existing heat in the air outside. Once the refrigerant warms up sufficiently, it is further compressed by the compressor in the heat pump system, which further boosts the thermal energy of that refrigerant. This heat is then used to warm air for distribution throughout one’s home.

Refrigerant Cycle Reversal Is Key, Too

If process detailed above sounds familiar, it’s because it’s essentially the reverse of how a traditional air conditioner operates. The kicker is, a heat pump actually uses a component called the reversing valve in order to reverse its refrigerant cycle. This means that, once the heat of summer arrives once more, you can use your heat pump to cool your home as well. If you are interested in doing so, just contact a member of our team to schedule your heat pump services with some of the finest technicians in the industry.


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