HeatingHow Does Duct Sealing Help with Heating?

Does your home use a forced-air heater for winter warmth? Chances are high that it does, since this group includes furnaces, the most common type of heating system in the U.S. It also includes heat pumps. With the exception of ductless mini split heat pumps, forced-air heating systems require ductwork to distribute warm air to the rooms of the house and provide the even heating necessary for comfort. It’s important that you take care of your home’s ductwork as well as you take care of the heating system, or you will end up with substandard comfort and higher bills.

Ducts occasionally require sealing to close up gaps and holes. This isn’t a service you can handle on your own using duct tape (which isn’t even designed for use on ducts). It takes the skill, training, and equipment of professionals. G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. offers full services to care for your ductwork so that your forced-air heating system works at its best. Call us to make sure that you receive the best quality heating services in Everett, WA this winter.

Duct Sealing And Heating

The ducts in a ventilation system are designed to create an airtight seal from the heater’s cabinet all the way to the vents that open onto the rooms. If the ducts have air leaks, they will begin to have a negative effect on the heating in a home.

Here is how calling professionals to seal those leaks will benefit your heating:

  • Prevent a loss of air pressure: The main reason that ducts must be kept airtight as possible is to stop a drop of air pressure inside. If air pressure decreases, it will result in low airflow out of the vents, and a corresponding decrease in comfort. If a room in your home feels colder than it should be, air leaks inside the ducts that service it might be the reason.
  • Better heating performance: Air pressure isn’t the only thing the ducts will lose if they have air leaks; they will also lose heat. The ductwork in your home runs through areas that are usually left unheated, such as crawlspaces and the gaps between walls. Heat will rapidly escape from the leaks to these colder areas, and the air from the vents will not be as warm as it should.
  • Lower heating bills: As air pressure and heating power drop, your heater will need to work harder to reach its set temperature. The more the system strains, the more it will cost you to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Duct sealing will help prevent your heating costs from soaring: air leaks can account for as much as a 30% rise in heating costs.

Any time you experience a problem with your home’s heating that might come from leaky air ducts (a drop in air flow, unexpectedly cold rooms, and high heating bills), give us a call at G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. We will find out the cause and help you solve it, whether through duct sealing or repairs on your heating system. Leave your concerns about heating to us.


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