HeatingHow Does Heat Pump maintenance Improve Efficiency

Annual maintenance is an important part of ensuring a long life for any type of electro-mechanical equipment. Electrical trouble can cause a system to draw in too much or too little voltage, potentially damaging some of the key portions of your heat pump, or mechanical components may begin to rub together and wear down far too soon. Regular maintenance takes preventive measures, improving the system so that it runs at top performance and potentially allowing it to live out its lifespan with few repair needs.

Besides extending the life of your equipment and preventing repairs, regular maintenance allows your system to continue to run efficiently, which was likely a large factor in your decision to purchase a heat pump in the first place. Heat pumps are known for two features: high efficiency and their ability to both heat and cool. Heat pumps are efficient for heating because they move heat from place to place instead of using fuel to generate it. This requires little electricity, and most heat pumps happen to have very high SEERs (seasonal energy efficiency ratings) for air conditioning as well.

While most heat pumps are highly rated for efficiency, your manufacturer’s manual most likely explains that a heat pump can only remain efficient with regular maintenance. While you’re expected to change the air filter every one to three months as needed, professional maintenance is key to continued efficiency throughout the year. When you set up regular maintenance visits, a technician will visit your home once or twice a year to tune up the system for the heating or cooling season. Twice a year is recommended since this type of system runs throughout the year and gets a lot of use.

Some key maintenance tasks that may improve efficiency include cleaning the inside and outside coils, adjusting or replacing fan belts, lubricating motors, straightening bent coils, and tightening electrical components. These services are all important because your heat pump simply cannot run as efficiently as intended if it is not in top shape. Anytime your heat pump has to work harder than it should, it uses too much energy. Furthermore, your maintenance technician will let you know if a problem area that is consuming too much energy needs immediate repair or replacement.

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