furnaceHeatingImproving Furnace Efficiency for the Heating Season

The heating season is in full swing, which means your utility bills have most likely soared. When you’re on a budget, nobody wants to deal with the cost that comes along with the lower outdoor temperatures, so many homeowners look for ways to save some money here and there. Unfortunately, this means many homeowners end up shutting off the heating for periods of times in order to save some money, a solution that is never ideal.

There are plenty of ways to save money without sacrificing your comfort. Don’t shut off your unit completely; heat your home to a comfortable, efficient temperature like 68 degrees Fahrenheit, call a technician, and consider taking any of the following steps.

For heating services in Marysville that can help lower your bills, call on the friendly experts at G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical Inc.

  • Schedule Maintenance: Are your heating bills much higher than they were last year? If so, it could be because your system could simply use a little bit of maintenance. Scheduling maintenance is a great way to find out if there are any failing parts in your heating system that may need replacement soon and are contributing to higher monthly costs. A thorough cleaning and adjustment can also keep your system running almost like new as the parts can operate with ease.
  • Install Zone Control: Zone control systems allow you to regulate the temperature separately in individual areas of the home. Most likely, there are some parts of the house that don’t get used at certain times of day, often for long periods of time. A technician installs separate dampers in different areas of the ducts and each has its own thermostat. Because of this, you can shut off the heat in some areas of the home throughout the day, which helps you to save money.
  • Insulate: If you have a technician check your home, you may be surprised to find out you have inadequate insulation. Some homes are not built with enough installation or without any at all in the attic, inside walls, or around ducts. Insulation keeps heat from transferring out of your home, making you feel more comfortable and allowing your heater a break.

These services and more are available from G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc., where you’ll find all you need to improve furnace efficiency with your Marysville heating system.


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