HeatingInsulation Impact: How Thermal Barriers Protect Your Comfort

People often misunderstand the word “insulation”: they associate it exclusively with keeping warm. You want to get a coat for cold weather that has thick insulation. Your home needs effective insulation to keep it warm during the winter. If you don’t wrap your pipes in insulation, they’ll freeze.

There’s nothing inaccurate about this understanding of insulation. If you need heating service in North Seattle that will give you the insulation for your home (and for your pipes) that will get you through the winter, you should call G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc.

However, the definition of insulation isn’t “something that keeps you or an object warm.” Insulation is actually a thermal barrier: that is, it impedes the transfer of heat. For example, the reason a coat keeps you warm is that its thick layers serve as a barrier against heat escaping your body. It traps heat around you, keeping you warmer. The same goes for a thick wool cap: because heat rises, a large amount will escape from your head—unless you have a layer of insulation to slow it down.

But just as you can use insulation to trap heat, you can use it to block heat. This is why it’s so important for your home to have effective insulation for all seasons. During the hot months, insulation prevents heat from getting inside your home, making it easier for your air conditioning to cool down rooms. It has to be proper insulation as well, not just a basic wall. (Think, for example, of sitting inside a metal box on a hot day; because metal conducts heat so well, metals walls will increase the heat inside because they’ll radiate it into the small space. Not much in the way of insulation!) Specialists have to install insulation in your walls and ceilings in order for it work effectively as a barrier against outdoor heat.

However, if you live in Washington, you’ll mostly be concerned with the heat-trapping properties of home insulation. If your house lacks the proper insulation for winter temperatures, it won’t make much difference how powerful and effective a heating system you have installed: the heat will move right to the outside, leaving you with cold rooms. It will also leave you with higher heating bills and a heater straining to reach the temperature set for it. An overworked heater will soon need repairs and likely break down and require replacement earlier than it should.

Having effective insulation in your home will protect your comfort year-round—and it will also guard your energy bills. Don’t let that excellent heater or air conditioner you had installed go to waste because your insulation won’t let it do its job effectively. Contact G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc., where we specialize in insulation along with heating and air conditioning installation. For professional heating service in North Seattle, make us your first call.


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