HeatingIs Ductless a Good Option for Heating This Winter?

Many homes are built with a network of ducts for heating and cooling purposes. Your heater or air conditioner conditions the air so that a fan can move it through the ductwork and into your home with ease. But what are your options for heating and cooling if your house or new room addition doesn’t have any ducts? Well, you can add ductwork to the structure of the building. However, this type of renovation takes up a lot of time and space you may not be able to spare.

Besides, ductwork can end up causing a lot of trouble for homeowners. Ducts have been known to form holes and cracks over time or have an inefficient design that allows air to escape. When it does, you get decreased performance and end up paying for warm air that doesn’t ever make it into your living space.

Ductless mini splits are highly efficient heating and air conditioning systems that work just as well as any standard air conditioner or heat pump—but with the added benefit of no ducts. You’ll need someone to install an outdoor unit and multiple indoor units for a standard home. The indoor air handler is mounted high on the wall or ceiling to blow air directly into the room. It connects to the outside via a refrigerant line.

Refrigerant travels from the outside compressor, through the outdoor coil, and into the indoor coil. What makes it so efficient is that it doesn’t actually generate heat; it only moves it from place to place, which requires little energy. In the summer, refrigerant absorbs heat from the air in your home and moves it outside. In the winter, it absorbs heat from outdoors to bring inside. Besides, you get the added benefit of zone control with a ductless system. Since you have multiple indoor units, each one can be controlled with its own thermostat.

A ductless heating system could struggle somewhat if temperatures drop too low. However, this is usually not the case in the Everett area. Your technician can give you information and advice about how to supplement your ductless unit with another form of heating in case you live in an area where temperatures tend to drop much lower.

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