HeatingIs It Really That Important to Replace My Air Filters?

If you own and operate a forced air HVAC system, then you have probably already heard all about how important it is that you schedule routine, annual maintenance. What you may not realize, though, is just how important it is that you complete at least one maintenance step on your own: changing your air filter. Your air filter should be changed every few months—refer to your specific filter for clearer instructions—so you cannot leave it for your HVAC technician to do on a yearly basis. We’ll get into a few of the ways in which changing your air filter regularly can benefit you in the following post.

Improved Efficiency

When you heat and cool your home, you want to do so effectively. You also want to do so efficiently, though, which means that your system must make use of the energy it uses successfully. If it struggling to force heated or cooled air through your air filters, then this simply cannot be the case. Your system will have to use more energy than it should have to in order to distribute conditioned air throughout your home, and that will leave you paying higher energy bills for a weaker heating and/or cooling performance.

Reduced Strain on the System

Can you smell a burning odor when your furnace is running? Your heater obviously generates heat, but you shouldn’t encounter such smells in your home. If you do, it may be the result of clogged air filters putting too much strain on your HVAC system. This can cause the motor to overheat, resulting in an unpleasant burning odor.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

If your air filter is too clogged up, air may be forced around it, rather than through it. When this happens, pollutants can be forced around it as well. The result? Decreased indoor air quality.

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