HeatingIs My Heater in Trouble?

Now that we’re feeling the effects of the seasonal change more and more, you’ve likely been running your heater with some regularity. If you have noticed anything strange about the operation of your heater, or if you have any concerns regarding its performance, you are wise to contact a professional heating technician before we move any further into the heating season. Even very minor problems with your heater can get worse and lead to serious damages if you give them the time that they need to do so. If you suspect,  for any reason, the need for heating repairs in Everett, WA, contact us immediately. G & S Heating Cooling & Electric is here to diagnose and resolve any problems that your heater may encounter.

Is It Costing Too Much to Operate?

If you’ve gotten a utility bill in and have found yourself shocked by the amount that you owe since firing up your heater, you may have a problem with your heater that is causing it to function less efficiently than it should. Assuming that you don’t want to overpay when heating your home, and that you don’t want further problems to develop, you should call our technicians in to diagnose and resolve your heating woes.

Does It Leave Cold Spots throughout Your Home?

An improperly sized heater may fail to heat your home evenly, leaving cold spots throughout. However, if your heater used to heat your entire home just fine, but no longer seems capable of doing so, then the problem is not likely related to its sizing. Instead, there is something impeding its operation, such as a refrigerant leak, damaged ductwork, or a faulty fan.

Is It Making Alarming Sounds?

If you have a furnace, you may hear your system come on and begin blowing heated air into the rooms of your home. Even radiant heating systems can make a bit of noise, if your boiler is not in a soundproofed area. However, there is a big difference between normal operational sounds and alarming, unfamiliar ones. If you hear a grinding, screeching, clanging, or any other unfamiliar sounds coming from your heater, call our heating professionals right away.


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