HeatingIs Your Heater Ready for Winter?

chilly-manCertain areas of the country really get nailed hard during the winter season, with heavy snowfalls and temperatures that regularly plummet below the freezing level. When all is said and done, our winter weather here in the Pacific Northwest is fairly mild. For those of you that think this means that your heater is not really that important, though, a rude wake-up call is likely not too far off. We can help you get your heater into fighting shape.

Your heater may not get the workout that it would in Vermont or Minnesota, but it is going to have a lot of work to do during the winter season regardless. If you are serious about ensuring that your heater is able to do that work as effectively and efficiently as possible, then you need to schedule a heating tune-up in Mukilteo, WA — and not just once, either. Heating maintenance is an annual necessity that you should be scheduling each and every year. 

Why Hire a Professional to Tune Up My Heater?

There are plenty of jobs with which to occupy oneself in his or her home. Certain jobs are going to demand more skill and expertise than the average homeowner has, though. Others will demand the skill and expertise that only trained professionals can offer. That is why we must insist that you schedule your heating maintenance with a member of our team. Simply put, there is just no way in which an amateur, no matter how handy around the house, can properly tune up a home heating system.

Keeping a heater well-maintained demands much more than simply changing out the air filter and/or cleaning the cabinet with a vaccum cleaner or pressurized air canister. Sure, these are important steps of the process, but they barely begin to scrape the surface in terms of the thoroughness with which our technicians will tune up your system.

When we complete your heating maintenance, we check refrigerant levels in heat pumps, voltage and amperage levels in any system, and ductwork (visually). We also lubricate moving parts as needed, replace worn belts, etc. It is a much more involved process than you may realize, and one that you really cannot afford to cut corners on.

What You Get in Return

Well, “peace of mind” is a big return on this investment all by itself. But why should routine maintenance put your mind at ease throughout the coldest time of the year? Because it means that your system has been optimized for handling the task at hand!

With professional heating maintenance completed annually, your heater is going to be able to operate as effectively and efficiently as possible. That means a better heating output for less cost than a poorly maintained system could muster. Getting more for less is something that we can all get behind.

Plus, your heater is going to be at reduced risk of operational problems, and it is going to enjoy a long, full life. Now, no amount of maintenance is going to make your system 100% reliable, nor will it allow your heater to last forever. That being said, it would be pretty foolish to overlook the benefits of routine heating maintenance.

Let G & S Heating Cooling & Electric tune your heater up this season.



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