HeatingIs Your Insulation Sufficient for the Coldest Time of the Year?

Your insulation is tasked with preventing excessive heat transfer between the interior space of your home and the outdoor environment throughout the entire year. This means that, during the winter season, your insulation will help to prevent the energy that you use to heat the air in your home from going to waste. If your insulation is subpar, it is not going to perform this vital task as successfully as it ought to. Below are a few examples of signs that your insulation in Everett, WA is just not up to task. If you think that you could use new or improved insulation in your home, schedule service with the insulation and efficiency experts here at G & S Heating Cooling & Electric.

Drafty Areas

While we may not really be feeling the full onslaught of the winter cold just yet, you’ve surely found occasion to run your heating system by now. If you have, and you notice that there are spots in your home that feel a bit drafty, you may need some additional insulation in those areas. It is important to allow for some natural ventilation in your home, but too much of this particular good thing could lead to some pretty serious energy waste therein.

Reduced Indoor Air Quality

The quality of the air in your home is every bit as important to your overall comfort level as the temperature of that air. That is why you should take any decline in your Indoor Air Quality seriously. If you’ve noticed that the air in your home is rife with pollutants, it may be due to insufficient insulation allowing pollutants to easily pass through gaps in your home’s thermal envelope.

Increased Heating Costs

Insulation may deteriorate over time, especially if in contact with moisture. It is very possible that your insulation will begin to falter as the years go on, and you may find your heating costs rising in accordance. By allowing us to assess and bolster your insulation as needed, you can save money when both heating and cooling your home.


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